1. Q1 2023: Project Inception and Development Kickoff

    • Research and planning for opZEKND's architecture and design

    • Assembling a talented team of developers and blockchain experts

  2. Q2 2023: Core Development and Testnet Launch

    • Development of the opZEKND protocol and infrastructure

    • Internal testing and optimization of the network

    • Testnet launch for community testing and feedback

  3. Q3 2023: Mainnet Launch and Initial Features

    • Official launch of the opZEKND mainnet

    • Integration of essential features, such as token transfers and smart contract functionality

    • Deployment of the opZEKND Explorer for transparent network monitoring and data visualization

  4. Q4 2023: Ecosystem Expansion and Developer Adoption

    • Collaboration with strategic partners to expand the opZEKND ecosystem

    • Developer outreach and support to encourage the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on opZEKND

    • Continued enhancements and updates based on user feedback and community needs

  5. Q1 2024: Cross-Chain Integration and Interoperability

    • Implementation of cross-chain capabilities to enable seamless interaction with other blockchain networks

    • Integration with major blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

    • Enabling interoperability for the transfer of assets and data across different chains

  6. Q2 2024: Governance Mechanisms and Community Involvement

    • Introduction of on-chain governance mechanisms to allow token holders to participate in network decisions

    • Community-driven initiatives and incentivized programs to promote active participation and engagement

  7. Q3 2024: Scaling and Performance Optimization

    • Continued research and development to enhance the scalability and performance of opZEKND

    • Implementation of Layer 2 scaling solutions to further increase transaction throughput and reduce fees

  8. Q4 2024: Continued Innovation and Global Adoption

    • Exploration of new features and functionalities to stay at the forefront of blockchain technology

    • Global marketing and awareness campaigns to drive adoption of opZEKND

    • Collaboration with enterprises and organizations to showcase the benefits of opZEKND for various industries

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