Rewarding Early Supporters: Unlocking Bonus % for Presale Participants

At Zeknd, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the early supporters who contribute to the growth and success of our platform. As part of our commitment to building a strong community, we are excited to introduce a special bonus program for those who participated in the presale of $ZEKND tokens.

Presale participants who successfully transfer their $ZEKND tokens from the Binance Smart Chain to the Zeknd Network will be eligible to receive an additional 30% bonus of $ZEKND tokens. This means that by taking part in the presale, individuals not only secure their initial token holdings but also gain an extra 30% in bonus tokens.

This bonus program serves as a testament to our appreciation for early supporters and their belief in the Zeknd project. We want to ensure that those who contribute to the presale are rewarded and incentivized to actively engage with the Zeknd ecosystem. By offering this significant bonus percentage, we aim to empower our community members, allowing them to maximize the value of their $ZEKND holdings and further participate in the growth of our platform.

In summary, Zeknd's ecosystem bridges revolutionize cross-chain connectivity, enabling seamless token transfers between different blockchain networks. Additionally, our commitment to rewarding presale participants with an exclusive 30% bonus reflects our appreciation for early supporters and their valuable contributions to the Zeknd project. Join us in the presale of $ZEKND tokens and be part of a vibrant and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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