Zeknd Superchain

Amidst the evolving blockchain landscape, scalability remains a crucial hurdle. Introducing opZEKND, a revolutionary Layer 2 scaling solution that addresses the limitations of Layer 1 networks. With its robust EVM-compatible platform, opZEKND empowers developers to build open ecosystems, migrate applications to Zeknd Superchain, and extend their user reach.

Zeknd Network operates on several networks each operating with their own independent validators and unique state. These networks are as follows:


mainnet is for production-ready smart contracts and live token transfers. Contracts ready for mainnet should have gone through rigorous testing and independent security reviews if necessary. mainnet is the only network where state is guaranteed to persist over time (subject to the typical security guarantees of the network's validation process).


testnet is a public network and the final testing network for zekndnetwork changes before deployment to mainnet. testnet is intended for testing all aspects of the Zeknd Network platform prior to mainnet deployment. From account creation, mock token transfers, development tooling, and smart contract development, the testnet environment closely resembles mainnet behavior. All zekndnetwork changes are deployed as release candidates on first testnet, before the changes are released on mainnet. A number of testnet validators validate transactions and create new blocks. dApp developers deploy their applications on testnet before deploying on mainnet. It is important to note that testnet has its own transactions and states.


betanet is a public network, where zekndsuperchain is run to test its stability and backward compatibility. Validators on betanet are participants in the Betanet Analysis Group, where they engage in active discussions, submit bug reports, and participate in issue resolution. On betanet changes, there are automated hard forks, where the state is compressed into a new genesis. As such, new genesis exists frequently on betanet, and there are no historical data snapshots. betanet usually has daily releases with protocol features that are not yet stabilized. State is maintained as much as possible but there is no guarantees with its high volatility.


localnet is intended for developers who want to work with the Zeknd Superchain platform independent of the public blockchain. You will need to generate nodes yourself. localnet gives you total control over accounts, economics, and other factors for more advanced use cases (including making changes to zekndnetwork). For developers, localnet is the right choice if you prefer to avoid leaking information about your work during the development process.

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