Why opZEKND?

How does the Zeknd Superchain compare to existing blockchain networks?

The Zeknd Superchain sets itself apart from existing blockchain networks through its unique features and capabilities. Unlike traditional blockchain networks, the Zeknd Superchain leverages advanced technologies and optimizations to achieve enhanced scalability, higher transaction throughput, and lower fees.

Compared to Layer 1 (L1) networks, the Zeknd Superchain operates as a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, utilizing the OP Stack and OP Rollup technology. This allows the Superchain to overcome the scalability limitations of L1 networks and significantly increase transaction processing capacity.

Moreover, the Zeknd Superchain maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling developers to seamlessly migrate their Ethereum-based applications to the Superchain without major code modifications. This interoperability with the EVM ecosystem expands the possibilities for developers and promotes the growth of the Superchain's ecosystem.

Additionally, the Zeknd Superchain offers a user-friendly experience by reducing transaction fees and improving overall network efficiency. Users can enjoy faster confirmations and a smoother transaction experience, thanks to the Superchain's optimized infrastructure and innovative consensus mechanisms.

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