Layer 2 based on OP Stack

High-performance layer 2 solution

OpZEKND, powered by the bedrock version of Optimism opStack, is a Layer 2 scaling solution specifically designed for the ZEKND SuperChain. It operates by offloading transaction processing and resource usage from the Zeknd Chain while still maintaining data compatibility with the underlying mainnet. Users can engage with the opZEKND network by depositing funds from ZRC-20 and utilizing applications and contracts within the opZEKND ecosystem. Through the aggregation of transactions by sequencers, computation of state transitions, and submission to the rollup contract on ZRC-20, opZEKND ensures the validity of state transitions through cryptographic proofs generated by provers. Verifiers then verify the correctness of the opZEKND state by checking these proofs. With its core functionalities of fund deposits and withdrawals, smart contract usage, and access to network data, opZEKND offers high throughput and low fees. Leveraging Layer 2 technology, opZEKND transcends the limitations of the Zeknd Chain, providing users with an enhanced and scalable experience.

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