1. Connect to opZEKND using MetaMask

To add opZEKND network to your MetaMask wallet, go to your Network Selection drop down menu, click Add Network and enter the following:

2. Deploy a Smart Contract to the opZEKND

Because any tool that works on Ethereum also works with opZEKND, you can deploy a smart contract to the testnet using your preferred scripting tool. Your basic RPC set-up will be the same. (Only cheaper and faster.)

  1. Select the standard smart contract you’d like to deploy.

  2. In the Environment field, select Injected Provider - MetaMask.

  3. Hit deploy.

Pro-tip: To deploy a smart contract or run a transaction, you may need to bridge assets from the BNB Testnet. You can do so using the following URL:

3. Create and View a Transaction Using the Block Explorer

Using Remix or your preferred Ethereum scripting tool, perform the following:

  1. Select a smart contract with a deposit function.

  2. Input the amount and select the symbol of the token you’d like to deposit.

  3. Click deposit and authorize the transaction.

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