opZEKND Overview

A Next-Generation Blockchain Platform:

  • Immediate Finality: opZEKND ensures instant confirmation of transactions, providing immediate finality for enhanced reliability.

  • High TPS for Real-World Use Cases: opZEKND supports a high transaction per second (TPS) rate, catering to the demands of real-world applications.

  • Cost-Efficient Blockchain Applications: opZEKND focuses on reducing the cost of running blockchain applications, making it more accessible and affordable for businesses.

  • Lower Barriers to Entry: opZEKND aims to lower the barriers to entry for end-users, allowing more individuals and organizations to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Streamlined Technology Adoption: opZEKND simplifies the technology adoption process for various industries, enabling smoother integration and implementation of blockchain solutions.

opZEKND launched its mainnet, Zeknd Superchain, on April/27/2023 with the following specifications.

  • 1-second block generation and confirmation time.

  • 4,000 transactions per second.

  • Low gas price that is almost 1/10 of Ethereum.

  • Runs EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and supports the execution of Solidity contracts.

  • 19 reputable corporations worldwide initially formed opZEKND Governance Council to operate consensus nodes.

  • More than 50 initial service partners have committed to launch Blockchain Applications on Zeknd Superchain.

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